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Emerging from a few years of regeneration and reflecting on the essential things in life, Pierre Vaiana is back from Sicily. His pockets are bulging with a tender, melodious jazz music that is a feast of sunshine and compositions inspired by the water, wind and mountains. This music resonates with the continuous note of a desire for peace, harmony, love and hope. 


“Without really seeking to, I explored paths that filled me with a profound joy, by climbing paths that led me to the source of San Calogero, looking with fascination at the water’s course flowing in on itself, as it followed its various itineraries to then swirl into the natural lake of the «Nacuni di San Calogero».

And also by the paths I took, returning to my home, by writing down this music, which seemed also to flow from a source, to swirl and take me to places that seemed new, only to resonate as if they had always been there, in the manner of a profound desire for peace, for harmony, for love and for hope.

After multiple musical experiences throughout the world which were based on inter-cultural dialogue, I felt in myself the urge to play my music with a jazz like quintet. 

The musicians playing in this band have quickly found an open and creative space to collective playing. 

Together we tell the stories that speak of wind, water, dust and Don Carmelino, the barber of my little town in Sicily.

Pierre Vaiana

© J.L. GOFFINET 2019

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