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This new opus by Pierre Vaiana provides a follow-up to the album “amuri & spiranza” ( ©2021) in which, after a period of renewal in Sicily, the compositions and quintet playing offered music of peace, love and hope.


The “camera obscura” is a technique known since ancient times. It was described in the 4th century BC by the Chinese philosopher Mozi, then by Aristotle, and the Arab mathematician Ibn al-Haytham. Leonardo da Vinci explains the operation of a portable “camera obscura” in the Codice Atlantico. Any illuminated subject can project its smaller, inverted image, inside a black box through a small hole drilled on the outside of it. This record is a musical metaphor for the inverted image of the world around us. The music offered in this album, which was designed like a vinyl, explores several essential avenues for the composer: the journey (Peace is the Path, Sur la Route de Valledolmo, Mòviti Fermu), shadow and light (Camera Obscura , Luna d'Argentu) and three of the essential virtues through plays on first names (Sofìa, Pètru and Kòsimo).


The trio set up is ideal for dialogue between musicians and greater interaction. The composer's soprano saxophone playing is highlighted both by the orchestration and by the melodies to which he took particular care. He crafted them to be singing, lyrical, and apparently simple. The counterpoints between the saxophone and the cello, which at times evoke chamber music, are complemented by the guitar which sometimes has folk overtones, sometimes close to the most experimental rock. The trio's playing always maintains an essentially jazz approach, where improvisation is at the heart of the collective interplay. The compositions unfold like within a meditative and inner journey. The team is completed for two songs by singer François Vaiana, and for three other songs by double bassist Nicolas Thys.


The trio played extensively in Flanders, Wallonia and Sicily before recording this album. A great bond unites the three musicians, the guests come to add their personal touch. This music can be proposed for concerts ranging from trio to quintet (with guests) or quartet (with the singer).

© Arnaud Ghys 2023

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